Settling In

So  Victor got a job at Kingston doing app development and I got a job at RE/MAX.

It is my 4th month here, 5th for Victor. We both have jobs, bought a place, looking to buy another, and things are just pretty alright. The only thing I grapple with is the cold- I get hungry and sleepy in cold weather and that's not helping at all. When you're sleepy, you're too lazy to eat. And when you're eating, you can't sleep, unless you have a butler to feed you. The cold is just crazy all the way.  The moment you think it cannot get colder, Canberra surprises you.




We are treated well by our employers, no complains, lots of cheese and beer/ wine nights on Fridays, it is their culture- but I can't really drink well. Living in Queanbeyan is really one of the best things that have happened to us because the shops open till 9pm instead of closing at 4-6pm- and the food is cheap. Delicious and cheap! We have friends around here and there's nothing more we could wish for, really.  Just 10 min drive to Victor's work place and I walk 3 mins to mine. 


As an established realtor in Singapore, to get kickstarted again here was tough. Lots of mental blocks. Trying to understand the coloquialisms is not as easy as I imagined, and I'm still learning. Can you imagine calling through a database and have to go "huh? sorry I didn't quite get that, Could you repeat yourself?"... like a million times? It's tough- but it's good for me. Recently I was tasked with recruiting agents from Singapore- I would like to believe that my boss is extremely impressed with the embodiment of Singaporean work ethic (i.e. ME) haha. For a person who has not been to Singapore, have not met a Singaporean, and often mistaking me for a HongKonger, he must have been in a state of derilium when he said, ' I want you to bring in 40 Singaporeans here to work. Let's fly there. And I will pay for your SQ Qantas ticket."  


We just got gas heating in our house today! Happy la! There are quite a few things I have to accomplish by this year. And I have 7 more months to go. Will update you guys as I go along!